Astro Apparels is an innovative and unique clothing manufacturer. Established in 1997, we are a leader among the fastest growing Manufacturing Export Organizations in the Knitted Garment Industry. We currently export to many European countries, the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and ongoing prospects in South Africa and around the world. We are a leading clothing manufacturer in the worldwide market place and are in the business to build long-term and equitable relationships with our valued customers.

Our manufacturing facilities are headquartered in India, with superior logistics in place capable of lightning fast delivery to any part of the globe. With our sales office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we can comfortably cater to all of our North American customers - providing professional service, superior garment quality and very competitive overseas-value pricing. We invite you to visit our Toronto showroom, with hundreds of garments on display providing a first hand view and feel of Astro's manufacturing capabilities and exceptional quality standards. Schedule an appointment today!

What can Astro Apparels do for you? Just about everything when it comes to knitwear manufacturing. We are your all-in-one garment manufacturing solution, with over 250 factory employees at your service. We specialize in full garment design and product development. We manufacture all our own fabrics, and have access to the latest specialty fabrics and materials in the marketplace, including organic and bamboo. We have state-of-the-art printing and embroidery techniques and can provide you with hundreds of different garment finishes and washes. We handle customized tag, packaging, and label production, and handle all the shipping for you, "right to your door". We are your one-stop reliable clothing manufacturer, from start to finish!

Mission Statement

Astro Apparels is committed to be a model organization by being selfless, honest & ethical in all our business activities. We are committed to fulfilling our objective to be a trusted and a reliable partner, to our customers, suppliers and investors. In addition we will continually strive to be the best workplace for our employees in the industry.

Factory Standards

Our factory is in compliance with all facilities and safety requirements of international standards and norms. Various compliance requirements for multinational corporations have been met. Our factory has first-aid equipment and protocols on site, extensive fire-proof measures, numerous emergency exits, continuous cleaning and hygenic solutions, and efficient ventilation systems in place. The electrical and lighting systems in the factory exceed all international standards. Our employees are treated with dignity, courtesy and utmost respect; always a vital part of our team structure.

Quality Standards


  • Quality is being checked while the raw material is procured.
  • In the case of yarn dyeing, quality is checked at the stage of procuring raw materials, as well as after dyeing - before going into production.

  • Knitting

  • Only machines of high quality are being selected.
  • Pilot testing will be made for the GSM Dia confirmation before going ahead for the bulk production run.
  • Constant knitting quality checks are being followed up while in the greigh stage.
  • Final check-up is made before passing on the fabric to processing units.
  • All records are electronically archived for future reference.

  • Processing

  • The process houses that we work with have the most sophisticated and current machinery, with the highest quality standards.
  • We ensure colour matching to the shades before and after bulk production.
  • ISO standards are strictly followed at all the processing stages.
  • Fastness to light, rubbing, and washing is always being checked in house and also at independent laboratories like SGS and Interteck testing services.

  • Production

  • Precise pattern making is ensured and it is always computer crosschecked for maximum accuracy and efficiency.
  • Fabric is always checked for any defects before and after cutting.
  • The line system is arranged for maximum productivity.
  • An AQL level standard of 2.5 is followed at every stage of production.
  • Reports are maintained at every level.